Top 5 Summer Outfits for 2020

Now that we’re all slowly coming out of quarantine – and we’ve completely skipped over spring – it’s time to get our closets ready for summer! With all that extra time, I decided to clean out my closet, put away all of my winter clothes, and start fresh this summer. I mean, I have hardly seen anyone in months, so I need to make a great first impression this summer, right!?

I want the same thing for you, too. When we get back out there with our summer outfits, we have to make an impact! Staying sheltered at home has turned some people into a homebody. It’s understandable that you would get used to the new normal of being in your house seven days a week, but guess what? The weather is warm, the sky is blue, and the bars and restaurants are reopening, so let’s get out there!

While I was shopping for new summer outfits to fill my suddenly empty closet, I realized that it might be helpful to others if I created a little shopping guide for them. Just a few must-have outfits this summer that will boost your confidence and have you excited to get out of the house – even if it’s just for a quick happy hour.

The Shell Shocker

This is an outfit that’s really going to WOW everyone. Something that you’re going to wear to the first big event of the season! A shell shocker outfit is one that perfectly flatters your body and makes heads turn as soon as you walk in!

This kind of outfit is going to be different for everybody. You might want…

  • A little black dress – this is a closet staple that every woman should have! Little black dresses were coined by the fabulous Coco Chanel and are just as timeless as the Chanel brand itself. LBDs are fun because you can throw a jean jacket over one for a more casual look or dress it up with some pretty jewelry and heels. Whatever makes you feel fabulous!
  • A sundress – sundresses are cute, flirty, and fun. They dress up any occasion just enough but they’re still appropriate for going to places like the park or the farmers market. Sundresses are so powerful because, while they can turn heads everywhere you go, they’re really effortless outfits. Just zip and go!
  • White skinny jeans – these are so in this year for summer outfits. They look really cute when paired with a crop top and a matching belt! If you want to really make a statement, grab a pair of pumps that match your shirt and belt. Otherwise, a fresh pair of sneakers will still look hot.

 The Conversation Starter

Are you looking to meet someone or make a new friend? Wear an outfit that makes a statement! Conversation Starter outfits are exciting, mysterious, and great ice breakers. Who knows, this outfit could be the kick-off you need to start a new relationship!

For a Conversation Starter summer outfit, check out these pieces:

  • True crime tee – are you looking for a buddy to talk true crime with? I have the perfect shirt for you: my “talk murder to me” fitted tee! It comes in seventeen different colors and is super soft. The best part about this shirt? It does the talking for you!
  • Band tee – music choices say a lot about a person. Wear your favorite band’s t-shirt out and see what kind of comments you get! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you met a new friend to go to concerts with this summer? That’s the magic of a Conversation Starter!
  • Bright shoes – the right pair of shoes will catch anyone’s attention. Even if you’re dressed in black from head to toe, a neon, metallic, or textured shoe will catch someone’s eye. Inevitably, you will hear, “Hey, I love your shoes!”

Head-to-Toe Neon

Neon is a huge summer fashion trend this year. Influencers all over Instagram are posing in their bright monochromatic looks. If you’re looking for a fun summer outfit, neon clothes are the way to go.

Here are a few suggestions for how to wear neon:

  • Neon cutout dress – cutout dresses are form-fitting dresses that have little peek-a-boo cutouts to show off your stomach, back, or hips. Cut out dresses themselves are a big summer trend, but once you add the pop of neon, your outfit goes from warm to hot!
  • Neon biker shorts and tank top – if you can get the shades of neon to match on the top and bottom, this ends up looking like a two-piece outfit. It’s really cute when paired with a fanny pack and fresh pair of sneakers
  • Windbreaker and leggings – for those chilly summer days when you’re just going to run some errands, a pair of black leggings and a neon windbreaker is the way to go. Leggings are comfy and easy to move in and a windbreaker will come in handy if there’s an unexpected summer shower!

Bralette & Blazer

Menswear for women is a trend that comes and goes with time. This summer, the right way to wear an oversized blazer is with a delicate bralette underneath. It’s the perfect summer outfit because, if you get too hot, you can just take off the blazer and wear the bralette! If you need a little bit more coverage, you can keep the blazer on. Make sure to find one you like that’s lightweight because you don’t want to be uncomfortable on a hot summer night out.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some outfit ideas for this summer trend:

  • Black lace – pair a delicate lace bralette underneath an edgy black blazer. The juxtaposition of textures creates a look that is soft but bold and has just the right amount of sexiness.
  • Matching silk – silk is super soft, so you’ll be totally comfortable in this outfit! Matching a silk bralette with an oversized silk blazer is sexy but classy. It’s the perfect outfit to wear to brunch or a mid-day party.
  • Black & White – this combo is a super-hot outfit for the summer this year. An all-white outfit paired with a pretty black bralette underneath. If you can find a bralette with enough coverage, this could be a great outfit to wear to a wedding!

Victorian Puff Sleeves

This is a bold look that might not be for everyone, but you should still give it a try! The oversized sleeves make it look like you have a smaller waist and I know that during quarantine, a few of us were snacking a little more than usual (guilty!). There are tons of ways that you can wear puffy sleeves this summer

Here are just a few:

  • Delicate dress – look for a pastel dress with pretty puffy sleeves and maybe a nice floral pattern. The sweet colors and patterns will offset the boldness of the sleeves!
  • Black & bold – a daring all-black jumpsuit with puffy sleeves will make you look like you’ve just stepped off the runway. Since it’s summertime, check out a few options with short sleeves so you don’t get uncomfortable in this killer outfit.
  • Victorian ruffles – give a nod to the era that birthed these puffy sleeves and wear a button-down shirt with a few ruffles. To amp up the sexiness in this outfit, opt for a shirt with a sheer material and pair with a cute bralette underneath.

Hopefully this quick little guide gives you lots of inspiration for your summer fashion choices! It’s time to step out and show the world what they’ve been missing. The best way to make an awesome impression is to put your best outfit forward. Have Fun!

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